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Are you banned from one of more Puke Nuk3m Servers?
Is thisimage what you are seeing when trying to join a Puke Nuk3m server?

The Puke Nukem Crew makes sure that nobody is misbehaving in any servers. If a player does not follow the rules, he will risk a chance of getting (temporarily) banned.

It may happen that you are banned while you haven't done anything wrong.

Possible reasons for a misplaced ban:

  • JJ2+ detected a false cheat/hack and automatically banned you
  • Your IP address matches a blacklisted IP address or range
  • You tried to join a Puke Nuk3m server with a blacklisted nickname
  • One of the Crew Members wasn't trained hard enough to realise that you didn't bypass any rules

If you are sure that you followed the rules and haven't done anything to deserve a ban, you can fill in the form below.

Submitted Requests

RedSkiCC - IP: HIDDEN    Posted on 2023-07-21 23:53:01- Edit -
Banned from:
  • Puke Nuk3m Battle
  • Puke Nuk3m Tests
  • Puke Nuk3m Streetfight / Pest / Survivor
  • Puke Nuk3m Relaxer
  • Puke Nuk3m Arena
idk tbh .. if there a specific reason keep me banned

Handled by ShakerNL
Your IP address doesn't appear in any ban list. If you are still banned from any of the servers, then I recommend you to contact me through Discord @shakernl

Status: unbanned

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