Last update: June 6th, 2022

This page was created with the sole purpose of raising awareness about Jety. Jety keeps searching for newbies to spread misinformation about people in the community just to gain their trust and to keep them from playing matches with others. I have collected screenshots and logs that reveal what kind of stories Jety uses on new players and logs that debunk them. Even logs that show how pathetic and far going Jety really is. Whatever you do with the information provided here is up to you. I didn't want to create this page at first, but people keep asking me about what's the deal with Jety.
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Jety seeks out to newbies in public servers to warn them about certain community members, especially those who play in the Pony Server (former GpW Clan Server). The reason would be that Jety is "winning hard in a 2v2 with a newbie as a teammate". This is obviously not a reason to ban someome from a server. In fact, there are many screenshots of CTF matches where Jety's team had lost with poor stats. Over time Jety got better at CTF teamplay though. The real reason why Jety got banned from Pony Server is because of her constant harassement which led to many people changing their nicknames to something unrecognizable or to just stop playing online at all.

Jety spreading bs

DM between Jety and Chipsy

Chipsy is a player who joined JJ2 online last year and got approached by Jety. She started playing matches with Jety and even joined Jety's PWNS! clan. Obviously nothing wrong with that. But Chipsy got also "well informed" about how evil the players from Pony Server are. Fortunately, she isn't naive and doesn't believe Jety fully and went on searching for answers by contacting *** (name hidden per request of player). (*** is a player who used to play with Jety, but Jety had an obsession with her and made her feel very uncomfortable at times. I won't go into details, because this is a private matter.) Anyway, *** told Chipsy the true story and Chipsy started playing in the Pony Server more often. When Jety noticed that she was playing matches there, she flooded her DM's on Discord with 99+ messages which led Chipsy to block Jety and leave her clan.

Jety sending a similar warning to another player. Corruption and haram in Pony Server. I don't need to say much about this, except to tell people to join Pony Server when there are players to see for yourself how "corrputed and haram" it really is. It's always better to see it by yourself rather than believing a one-sided story.

Jety spreading bs

DM between NadissCian and bswck; NadissCian is quoting Jety

Jety telling newbies that we "Pony players" tell them to ditch Jety. While in reality it is Jety that makes people, such as Frank, promise not to play in Pony Server. Jety would even block people from Discord for playing a duel with others while Jety is available for playing.

Jety telling a newbie how bad we are

DM between Jety and Kyiu (Shwonky pretending to be a newbie)

Atena surprised after duelling with Kev while Jety was online.

Jety blocking Atena

DM between Atena and ShakerNL

So, what's with all the harassement that you are talking about?

The following is a collection of chatlogs, mostly from public Puke Nuk3m servers. A few logs may be collected from servers such as Zeal Alpha / Duels. These logs reveal how Jety talks to people and how they get treated. I put an explanation at each snippet. I have not edited any sentences from these logs. However, I did remove system messages (Console messages and announcements, such as "Player captured the flag") and other unrelated chat, such as ctf codes. The full and unedited logs are stored on the Puke Nukem server.

The log below shows how Jety interacts with a new player. To summarize: A newbie joined the game. Jety warns this newbie from Atila, telling her that Atila can't be friends with anyone. Jety also warns her from people who play in Pony Server. Also, Jety is sharing their discord account and ensures her that it's safe to add and no harm will be done.

[21:04:20] Console: Welcome to Zeal Duels 1! [21:04:23] A level guide is available. Press F1 to view. [21:04:33] JetyPWNS!: hi, newbie [21:04:36] Miyao: Hiii [21:04:50] JetyPWNS!: do u have discord? [21:05:11] Miyao: Why my Discord? [21:05:20] *** Atila<Arn> joined the game [21:05:26] Miyao: Hiiiii [21:05:28] Atila<Arn>: hi [21:05:29] JetyPWNS!: match requesting mainly [21:05:48] Miyao: idk how to play [21:05:50] Miyao: uwu [21:06:00] Atila<Arn>: simp [21:06:09] Atila<Arn>: miyao [21:06:12] Atila<Arn>: miyao you boy? [21:06:16] Atila<Arn>: miyao you boy? or girl? [21:06:23] Miyao: Im a girl [21:06:25] Miyao: uwu [21:06:31] JetyPWNS!: xd [21:07:04] Miyao: :c [21:07:07] JetyPWNS!: caps lock to run [21:07:11] Miyao: oh! [21:07:15] Miyao: thank you! [21:07:21] JetyPWNS!: yaw [21:10:10] Atila<Arn>: ahhhh [21:10:12] Atila<Arn>: xd [21:13:52] JetyPWNS!: gg [21:13:58] Miyao: Yay [21:14:04] JetyPWNS! whispers: btw [21:14:14] JetyPWNS! whispers: if you are shy to tell discord on public [21:14:23] JetyPWNS! whispers: ████████████████ (Jety's Discord tag, hidden for privacy reasons) [21:14:27] JetyPWNS! whispers: that's my discord [21:15:07] JetyPWNS! whispers: could guarantee that i don't do bad stuff xd [21:15:16] JetyPWNS! whispers: i play often online [21:15:28] JetyPWNS! whispers: so mainly it's just for match organising [21:15:28] NiPWNS!: Whats up? [21:15:36] JetyPWNS!: looking for level also [21:15:48] Atila<Arn>: me is 12 and you miyao? [21:15:48] JetyPWNS!: !c jetbtl009 [21:16:31] JetyPWNS! whispers: jump 2 times if you understood xd [21:16:34] Atila<Arn>: me is 12 and you miyao? [21:16:41] JetyPWNS! whispers: okay [21:16:44] JetyPWNS! whispers: ████████████████ (Jety's Discord tag, hidden for privacy reasons) [21:16:49] JetyPWNS! whispers: don't forget xd [21:16:51] Miyao: I am 15 :3 [21:17:26] JetyPWNS!: well, be careful, especially with such age [21:17:37] Miyao: Why? [21:17:39] Miyao: :o [21:17:55] JetyPWNS!: well, there are some perverts :x [21:18:05] JetyPWNS!: especially that whole pony server [21:18:16] Miyao: Oh? [21:18:27] Miyao: Thank you for warning! [21:18:31] JetyPWNS!: there is like haram with girls, too much attention to girls [21:18:42] JetyPWNS!: actually [21:18:52] JetyPWNS!: since you are new, i could tell in advance what's happened [21:18:59] Miyao: Sure [21:19:01] Miyao: :3 [21:19:12] JetyPWNS! whispers: well, better to do it privately [21:19:26] JetyPWNS! whispers: on discord preferably [21:19:34] JetyPWNS! whispers: i'm just banned on that pony server [21:19:42] JetyPWNS! whispers: bcs i played with some girl on same team [21:19:48] NiPWNS!: game? [21:19:54] JetyPWNS!: yeah, just a moment [21:19:59] JetyPWNS!: like some mins [21:27:05] Atila<Arn>: Miyao Can I have ur discord? [21:27:18] Atila<Arn>: Miyao Can I have ur discord? [21:27:19] Atila<Arn>: Miyao Can I have ur discord? [21:27:24] JetyPWNS! whispers: better not xd [21:27:25] Miyao: umm [21:27:29] Miyao: it is kinda private [21:27:41] Atila<Arn>: :C [21:28:03] JetyPWNS! roasted you [21:28:10] Miyao: but maybe you can send me yours [21:28:15] Miyao: and we can be friends! [21:28:20] Atila<Arn>: .... [21:28:26] Miyao: there are people here [21:28:27] JetyPWNS! whispers: well, that one can't be friend to anyone [21:28:29] Miyao: idk [21:28:36] JetyPWNS! whispers: bcs he does bad to ppl [21:28:47] JetyPWNS! whispers: but up to you anyway [21:28:55] Miyao: Okii [21:29:16] Atila<Arn>: Tnx

But is Jety really that harmless as claimed? Well, let's take a looksie... Note: Using this character ">" at the beginning of your message, makes the chat only visible to players that are logged in and are admins on the server.

[16:49:50] JetyPWNS!: would u sent me a pic to motivate me? [16:50:01] Atila<Arn>: stfu jety [16:50:03] JetyPWNS!: feeling bored now [16:50:09] Atila<Arn>: you bad [16:50:11] Atila<Arn>: you bad jety [16:50:13] Atila<Arn>: look [16:50:23] ÃtiiiÇX: atila you will recpect jety if he plays with u after this? [19:37:17] JetyPWNS!: > ████████████████ (Jety's Discord tag, hidden for privacy reasons) [19:37:24] JetyPWNS!: > send pics there [19:37:46] ÃtiiiÇX: will you send? [19:37:55] JetyPWNS!: > u will [19:38:18] ÃtiiiÇX: will you send your picture? [19:38:32] JetyPWNS!: > u will [19:38:40] ÃtiiiÇX: no [19:38:45] ÃtiiiÇX: you saw me [19:39:01] ÃtiiiÇX: you have to send [19:39:06] JetyPWNS!: > not rly [20:27:40] ÃtiiiÇX: I will play with 69 scores if you let atila play [20:27:43] *** JetyPWNS! roasted Frank [20:27:50] ÃtiiiÇX: K? [20:27:52] *** Akatsuki Pain left the game [20:27:57] JetyPWNS!: + pic and go [20:28:03] *** JetyPWNS! roasted ÃtiiiÇX [20:28:06] ÃtiiiÇX: OK [20:48:38] JetyPWNS!: atena, pic now

As you can see, Jety is pushing Atena to show a photo of herself. And if you pay attention at the timestamps, you may notice that Jety is trying it for hours. Atena is an underage and religious girl and Jety knows that. And yet doesn't care. Also, that thing with 69 as max score. That's how Jety usually prefers to play. But it doesn't end there. Click below to see another example of "harmless" Jety...

[12:17:27] ÃtiiiÇX: >r u simp? [12:17:33] JetyPWNS!: > no u [12:17:45] Artin<Arn>: why > chat why why why why [12:17:52] ÃtiiiÇX: >dont call me baby if you are not simp [12:18:00] ÃtiiiÇX: >OK? [12:18:13] JetyPWNS!: > so why u jealous that i chat with t3 blackrose about ladders? [12:18:18] Atila<Arn>: 20 scores [12:18:25] ÃtiiiÇX: >I am not jealous [12:18:44] ÃtiiiÇX: >I mean u r simp [12:18:51] JetyPWNS!: > right, it's envy, not jealousy then [12:18:59] ÃtiiiÇX: >NO [12:19:00] JetyPWNS!: /maxscore 69 [12:19:00] Console: Max Score has been set to 69 [12:19:11] Atila<Arn>: 69 scores for singles [12:19:13] ÃtiiiÇX: > never [12:19:57] ÃtiiiÇX: > just simp on them and take me as a player :) [12:20:12] JetyPWNS!: > i don't simp on br at all [12:20:17] ÃtiiiÇX: >change this map [12:20:23] ÃtiiiÇX: >wat is br? [12:20:35] JetyPWNS!: > br = blackrose [12:20:45] Artin<Arn>: you and atena not simp [12:20:55] Atila<Arn>: 69 scores for singles [12:20:56] Atila<Arn>: you not simp atena [12:20:57] ÃtiiiÇX: >simp on tsu and take me as a player :) [12:21:25] JetyPWNS!: > idk what u mean [12:21:36] ÃtiiiÇX: >rly? [12:21:58] JetyPWNS!: > taking u [12:22:21] ÃtiiiÇX: > just dont call me baby and call tsu with such things [12:22:35] JetyPWNS!: > nah [12:22:40] ÃtiiiÇX: >yes [12:22:48] JetyPWNS!: > naaaah [12:22:54] ÃtiiiÇX: >yes [12:23:21] ÃtiiiÇX: >why not [12:23:26] JetyPWNS!: > will be as i said [12:23:28] Atila<Arn>: 999+ [12:23:32] Artin<Arn>: ddos [12:23:33] ÃtiiiÇX: >why [12:23:36] Atila<Arn>: jety ddos me ? [12:23:37] Atila<Arn>: xd [12:23:41] Artin<Arn>: lol [12:23:48] JetyPWNS!: > see that bs again? [12:23:50] Artin<Arn>: /o [12:23:51] Atila<Arn>: jety ddos me in Pony server [12:23:56] Atila<Arn>: NOT xd [12:23:57] ÃtiiiÇX: > he said xd [12:24:07] Artin<Arn>: Not lol [12:24:08] JetyPWNS!: > no need telling bullshit about me [12:24:13] Artin<Arn>: noty :} [12:24:16] Artin<Arn>: not :} [12:24:20] JetyPWNS!: > you clearly know that i take those as trash [12:24:28] ÃtiiiÇX: >no u [12:24:35] JetyPWNS!: > i know too [15:54:18] JetyPWNS!: > so, at night then, when noone is around [15:54:30] ÃtiiiÇX: > wat do you mean [15:54:36] JetyPWNS!: > action [15:54:44] ÃtiiiÇX: > wat

In case you are wondering why Atena mentions Tsu... Tsu is a player who came back to the game somewhere in 2021 after a period of inactivity. She's known for her Frog Hunt maps and even hosted an event related to it. Jety was obsessed with her before being obsessed with Atena. Tsu eventually quit playing JJ2 because of Jety. I have proof of that as well, but it's not worth mentioning that case here. Here's a brief snippet of Jety's behaviour towards Tsu though.

[15:47:55] tsu: hi <3 [15:47:57] Jety: hi, baby <3 [15:48:00] Console: Jety is no longer SPECTATING [15:48:03] tsu: "baby" [15:48:06] Console: >> Jety has logged in (Player) [15:48:16] Jety: bcs why not [15:48:26] tsu: sure-

Just a reminder, Jety is talking to a minor here.

[22:32:18] *** Ãtiii<ÇX> joined the game [22:32:31] Ãtiii<ÇX>: lol 13 [22:32:56] Ãtiii<ÇX>: jety please [22:33:00] Ãtiii<ÇX>: trust me [22:33:09] JetyPWNS!: baby, what's happened? [22:33:10] Ãtiii<ÇX>: I am not gay to love u [22:33:19] Ãtiii<ÇX>: dont call me baby [22:33:29] JetyPWNS!: why, baby? [22:33:40] Ãtiii<ÇX>: :vomit: [22:33:46] Ãtiii<ÇX>: I am not gay [22:34:00] Ãtiii<ÇX>: are you gay? [22:34:02] JetyPWNS!: u can't be gay, u aren't a boy [22:34:11] JetyPWNS!: i'm not [22:34:32] Ãtiii<ÇX>: I cant love girls becuase I am girl [22:34:51] JetyPWNS!: just try it xd [22:35:01] Ãtiii<ÇX>: never [22:35:06] JetyPWNS!: consider me as boy just for you then xd [22:35:24] Ãtiii<ÇX>: no need to [22:35:34] JetyPWNS!: bcs u already do xd [22:35:35] Ãtiii<ÇX>: this will be a lie [22:35:46] Ãtiii<ÇX>: I do what? [22:36:08] JetyPWNS!: i'm jety, so [22:36:15] JetyPWNS!: !c jetbtl035 [[Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 22:36:16]] [22:36:16] >> Next level set to battle1small (001) [22:36:25] JetyPWNS!: listen to this music on this lvl [22:36:58] Ãtiii<ÇX>: cant [22:37:05] Ãtiii<ÇX>: mute music [22:37:10] JetyPWNS!: !s just do ^^ [22:37:20] Ãtiii<ÇX>: do wat [22:37:33] JetyPWNS!: listen to music xd [22:37:42] Ãtiii<ÇX>: :shrug: [22:37:59] JetyPWNS!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVEP5PnMig8 [22:38:04] JetyPWNS!: check that then [22:38:06] Ãtiii<ÇX>: lol [22:38:09] Ãtiii<ÇX>: nvm [22:38:17] Ãtiii<ÇX>: I dont want to listen [22:38:26] JetyPWNS!: why, baby? [22:38:37] Ãtiii<ÇX>: stop [22:38:42] JetyPWNS!: /stop [22:38:42] >> Game has already been stopped [22:39:41] Ãtiii<ÇX>: just listen I dont love girls and I will never love them [22:39:56] JetyPWNS!: prove it then [22:40:11] Ãtiii<ÇX>: wat do u mean [22:40:24] JetyPWNS!: have u seen me even? [22:40:32] Ãtiii<ÇX>: no [22:40:38] JetyPWNS!: see? so u can't prove [22:41:04] Ãtiii<ÇX>: but you dont say that you are a boy [22:41:16] Ãtiii<ÇX>: also ur voice [22:41:28] JetyPWNS!: u want me to be ur bf then [22:41:41] Ãtiii<ÇX>: no [22:41:46] JetyPWNS!: why not? [22:42:00] Ãtiii<ÇX>: because you are a girl [22:42:08] Ãtiii<ÇX>: because of you voice [22:42:11] JetyPWNS!: u don't know [22:42:23] Ãtiii<ÇX>: voice [22:42:28] JetyPWNS!: didn't u tell that some were telling like i use programs to change it? [22:42:46] Ãtiii<ÇX>: wow [22:42:49] JetyPWNS!: u just change your words often [22:43:31] Ãtiii<ÇX>: ok so you are a boy and you use voice changer? [22:43:53] JetyPWNS!: tell for yourself [22:43:59] JetyPWNS!: why u change your words so often? [22:44:14] Ãtiii<ÇX>: I am too confused [22:44:34] JetyPWNS!: if you change your words, you should understand yourself, right? [22:44:56] Ãtiii<ÇX>: you change your words [22:45:08] JetyPWNS!: what at? [22:45:28] JetyPWNS!: u told that u will never remove from discord when i add again [22:45:43] JetyPWNS!: but look at you, you tell one thing, happens different thing [22:45:54] Ãtiii<ÇX>: hmm [22:46:09] JetyPWNS!: also you even don't follow your promises [22:46:21] Ãtiii<ÇX>: just be a girl for me like for others [22:46:31] JetyPWNS!: nah [22:46:37] Ãtiii<ÇX>: why [22:46:46] JetyPWNS!: just nah [22:46:56] Ãtiii<ÇX>: -_- [22:46:58] Ãtiii<ÇX>: why [22:47:14] Ãtiii<ÇX>: being a boy for me is a lie [22:47:21] JetyPWNS!: why asking same question and expecting different response? [22:47:35] Ãtiii<ÇX>: are you liar? [22:47:53] JetyPWNS!: some days ago u called me so [22:47:56] JetyPWNS!: and now u asking it [22:48:04] JetyPWNS!: it means you aren't sure at own words even [22:48:17] Ãtiii<ÇX>: I wasnt sure [22:48:27] JetyPWNS!: u never sure [22:48:33] Ãtiii<ÇX>: yeah [22:48:50] Ãtiii<ÇX>: thats why I wont adore u [22:49:02] JetyPWNS!: you just not sure [22:49:09] JetyPWNS!: that's why u will do it later [22:49:19] JetyPWNS!: be brave [22:49:54] Ãtiii<ÇX>: make me sure [22:50:00] JetyPWNS!: :* [22:50:05] JetyPWNS!: enough? [22:50:10] JetyPWNS!: XD [22:50:11] Ãtiii<ÇX>: no [22:50:26] JetyPWNS!: :* :* :* [22:50:30] JetyPWNS!: happy now? [22:50:41] Ãtiii<ÇX>: wat that means? [22:50:57] JetyPWNS!: kissing smile [22:51:08] Ãtiii<ÇX>: :vomit: [22:51:16] Ãtiii<ÇX>: I wanna rq [22:51:18] *** Ãtiii<ÇX> left the game

[13:15:53] ÃtËnÃ: jety cap when? [13:16:02] CJ PWNS 5: HIS WISH [13:16:12] JetyPWNS!: when u pregnant [13:16:18] ÃtËnÃ: stfu [13:16:22] A7med: pedofile [13:16:24] CJ PWNS 5: YOU SUCK [13:16:29] CJ PWNS 5: A7MED [13:16:33] JetyPWNS!: lol no [13:16:37] JetyPWNS!: age is ok already [13:16:45] CJ PWNS 5: GOOD [13:16:55] ÃtËnÃ: RETARD [13:16:55] A7med: she's child [13:17:14] CJ PWNS 5: JETY WHERE ARE YOU FROM [13:17:15] JetyPWNS!: u know her age? [13:17:29] A7med: 16-17 [13:17:43] JetyPWNS!: so, what's wrong then? [13:18:07] A7med: she's still not 18-21 and you are sexually harassing her [13:18:25] JetyPWNS!: ur imagination [13:19:24] JetyPWNS!: refer to me as to he/him btw [13:19:31] A7med: dont care

As you can see from the logs above, Jety is very mysterious about gender. Surely, you are free to hide your gender from everyone, but the way this happens here makes it very suspicious. Also, what's the deal with people accusing Jety for using a voice changer in voice chat? Well, we can all agree that Jety sounds robotic and unnatural on voice chat. One could say that this is the fault of the connection and distance. But that's simply not true, since there are players using voice chat while living at a greater distance. And they sound much more clear. Also, Jety told me somewhere in 2021 about considering using a voice changer. This happened at a time period when we were still talking.

[20:19:35] Jety: is that a good idea to use voice changer anyway? [20:20:07] ShakerNL: uh [20:20:07] Jety: or just better to keep refusing to talk? [20:20:09] ShakerNL: probably not [20:20:19] ShakerNL: what if voice changer fails to work [20:20:25] ShakerNL: and your normal voice will be used instead? [20:20:39] ShakerNL: idea sounds funny [20:20:48] ShakerNL: but results will be just more talking about you [20:20:52] Jety: well, doesn't matter [20:20:53] ShakerNL: and rumors [20:21:02] Jety: and yeah, i won't ppl talk about me [20:22:21] Jety: well, it saying "hi" at least would make ppl finally piss off? [20:22:31] Jety: or they would ask for more and more? [20:22:44] ShakerNL: how many ppl will hear that? [20:23:07] Jety: well, i guess 1 at least [20:23:24] ShakerNL: the problem is [20:23:29] ShakerNL: they will for sure ask you [20:23:32] ShakerNL: to say more things [20:23:36] ShakerNL: or use regular voice [20:23:40] Jety: yeah [20:23:52] ShakerNL: would you want to talk with voice changer always enabled? [20:24:02] ShakerNL: or just saying hi [20:24:14] Jety: well, idk [20:24:29] Jety: mby a bit more with changing voices often [20:24:43] ShakerNL: well, if you are fine with it [20:24:51] ShakerNL: but for sure people will talk about it

Okay, so maybe Jety wants to use a voice changer to stay annonymous. Surely that's no reason for a ban. Yes, but I happened to find out from others that Jety is spreading misinformation about me and telling people that I am using a voice changer instead.

Jety spreading bs about me

DM between Jety and Kev

DM between Kev and ShakerNL

DM between Kev and ShakerNL

As you can see, Jety isn't that harmless and innocent person after all. Many people, me included, tried to talk with her in a friendly matter. But all that Jety cares about is to have people for playing matches with. If you don't want to play or decide to play different matches with other people while Jety is online and available, then you will be considered an enemy. Even when you decide to watch a JJ2 livestream on YouTube, instead of watching Jety play, then you won't be forgiven either. I am honestly not making this up...

[20:43:21] Frank: can we play? [20:43:28] JetyPWNS!: we can [20:43:55] ak-47: atila, duel? [20:43:59] -TMR>Atila: not now [20:44:02] JetyPWNS!: we're playing jetyvsx [20:44:03] ak-47: mk [20:44:03] -TMR>Atila: sorry [20:44:14] JetyPWNS!: so duels with pony retards shouldn't be allowed [20:44:17] JetyPWNS!: wb

[15:46:17] Console: Welcome to Zeal Duels 2, no plus needed here! [15:46:17] MIKE: and you still bringing it all alonge [15:46:20] JetyPWNS!: who goes there again and again [15:46:22] A level guide is available. Press F1 to view. [15:46:22] MIKE: stop making it all up [15:46:25] MIKE: we all know [15:46:28] JetyPWNS!: along with same other weak ones [15:46:46] JetyPWNS!: we all know that you are trashy person [15:46:53] Brinko ikamo: talk about urself [15:46:54] JetyPWNS!: you have no friends, you are worthless [15:46:54] MIKE: those weak ones got personalities unlike you [15:47:04] JetyPWNS!: so leave me and my friends alone [15:47:05] *** JetyPWNS! left the game

Jety calls people from Puke Nuk3m Tests a toxic community. And people from Pony Server are retards. So, why does Jety hate people who play in Pony Server (former GpW Clan server)? Why did Jety even get banned from there in the first place? Well, as you already have seen from the logs on this page, people feel uncomfortable being around Jety. I have gotten many complaints about Jety in the past. People either wanted to play anonymously or were considering to stop playing at all. I didn't want that to happen so I ensured them that they can play in Pony Server without being harassed by Jety. Obviously it's free for people to pick any server they want to play in, but they wish to stay away from Jety. There are also players that don't care and play in both Pony and other servers with Jety. Even though Jety prefers people to stay on Jety's side, it doesn't matter much as long as people play matches with Jety. But there has been a moment where Jety tried to force someone to ditch her other friends and to play only with Jety. But if you ask Jety about the ban in Pony, you will get an answer like this one:

DM between Jety and Chipsy

DM between Jety and Chipsy

This is my fault, because I mislead Jety into saying that the ban happened so that I could play with ***. Why did I say this? Because it has been already way past reasoning and explanations. And having to hear Jety talking about what is justice and how my reasons are poor, I just stopped caring and said what I said. Which is also the last message in our DM :) .

Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg... Jety pulls more tricks, like spectating off an AFK player, start a game, roast this AFK player ten times and take a screenshot to show a 10-0 duel match. This happened to Pavlus. Click here for a screenshot. Another known trick is the mobile connection that Jety is using. Jety has an usb modem that can switch between 3G and 4G connections. But Jety prefers to use 3G to get a higher ping and be more difficult to hit. So, why don't others approach these newbies before Jety does and explain the real deal here? This is quite difficult, because Jety is almost always online.

Jety's overused keyboard

Jety's overused keyboard

I really didn't want to create this page, because I have better things to do than to deal with some JJ2 player. But I keep seeing new players questioning me and others in Pony Server and they keep asking for proof after being brainwashed by Jety. And I am really getting tired of having to explain myself over and over again... So after a long time, I finally have decided to make a statement here. And remember, my only goal in this game is to have a nice and friendly place for everyone to enjoy. I kept Jety unbanned from Puke Nuk3m servers for a long time. But when I discovered that Jety was spreading bs about me personally, I couldn't resist and decided to ban her. And with that said, Jety broke rule 1.4 from Puke Nukem.