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Tutorial: How to make a test compatible with Test Manager

The tests in the Puke Nuk3m Tests server are optimised for Test Manager. This makes it possible to have a level tag next to the nickname of the player and to make the ranking system function on the level.

This tutorial shows how to edit a level in JCS to make it compatible with Test Manager.

You can download an example level by clicking the red download button.

The ranking system works with Text Events in JCS. Test Manager is reading Text Events with TextID 100 to 255 for the ranking system.

When a player starts playing the test, he or she will have the number 0 next to the player name.
To make this happen, Test Manager has to know where the start position is. So, you have to place a Text Event with TextID 100 around the start position.
This video shows how it's done:

To let Test Manager know that the player is inside level 1, you need to add Text Events with TextID 101. Make sure that it is not possible for the player to miss the Text Event else it won't be registered in Test Manager. The easiest way to do that is by covering the entire area around the warp target.

When a player wins a test, his timer will be set. To let Test Manager know where a win area is, use Text Events with TextID 255.

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